For patients with metatarsalgia our Chiropodist Bojan Petrusic BSc. D.Pod.Med. is here to provide personalized treatment options. We offer compassionate care and work with our patients to resolve underlying causes of metatarsalgia. Keep your family moving pain-free! Give us a call today.
Metatarsalgia treatment kw

What is Metatarsalgia and what causes it?

Metatarsalgia is another common overuse injury of the ball of the foot. It describes the pain and inflammation in the metatarsal region of the foot. The causes of the condition might be due to the certain foot shapes (having high arches or second toe larger than the big toe, having hammer toes and/or bunions). Excess weight, intense training and improperly fitting shoes are other causes of metatarsalgia.


What are the symptoms and possible treatments?

The symptoms include pain and inflammation of the ball of the foot and the most common treatment would involve properly fitted footwear with use of custom made orthotics. We also recommend using metatarsal pads, resting, icing and in some cases taking oral or topical anti-inflammatory medication. In rare cases injections might be needed as well.