Achilles Tendonitis

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What is Achilles Tendonitis and what causes it?

Achilles Tendonitis is inflammation along the largest tendon in the body called Achilles tendon. The injuries are usually due to excessive repetitive stress to the tendon, such as from running and jumping type of exercises (basketball, volleyball, tennis). Also, using shoes with improper support, wearing high heels and having tight calf muscles are some of the causes of this foot condition.


What are the Achilles Tendonitis symptoms and possible treatments?

The symptoms usually include burning sensation or stiffness along the lower leg above the heel, pain along the tendon or in the heel that progresses with prolonged activity. Severe pain and swelling of the tendon can occur following exercise which can even lead to the formation of a bone spur.

Some of the treatments available include stretching and strengthening exercises, supportive shoes, custom made orthotics, anti-inflammatory medication along with certain injections.