Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

At Family Foot and Orthotics Clinic in Kitchener-Waterloo we provide the latest laser technology for fungal nails treatment. It is a highly successful and painless alternative to medication. Say goodbye to nail fungus. Give us a call today.

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus is a condition that occurs when a microscopic fungus enters one or more nails. This condition often begins as an infection in the skin but as the nail fungus penetrates deeper into the nail, it may cause the nail to discolour, thicken, and develop crumbling edges.


How is laser therapy different from other treatment options?

At Family Foot and Orthotics Clinic we take great pride in now offering the latest laser treatment for fungal nails. The treatment is fast, painless and highly effective. The laser works by passing a light through the toenail to kill the fungus that lives in and below the nail without causing damage to the nail or surrounding tissue. At the time of the procedure the toenail will not become instantly clear, but as it grows out, the new healthy nail pushes out the affected section. It can take 6-9 months for a toenail to completely grow out.

There are other treatment options available for fungal nails. Medicated antifungal nail lacquers may be prescribed for a mild to moderate infection, however, they usually take a very long time to provide improvement. Oral antifungal medications may be prescribed for a more serious infection however they may have a serious impact on your liver. In severe cases, surgical nail removal might also be necessary.

Nail Fungus prevention is always important and some of the things to be aware of include:

  • Wash your feet regularly and dry them thoroughly after bathing.
  • Keep your nails dry, short, and clean.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in public places such as communal bathing facilities and pools.
  • If you sweat excessively change your socks often.
  • Use an antifungal spray or powder on your feet and the inside of your shoes.