Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot can lead to many issues and those issues can quickly become seriously problematic to your health. Preventative measures and hands-on treatments are performed by our Chiropodist at Family Foot and Orthotics Clinic in order to avoid any severe complications. Patients with diabetes are encouraged to get regular foot check-ups including annual diabetic foot exam. Call us today and find out more.
diabetic foot care kitchener

What is a Diabetic Foot?

Diabetic foot conditions develop from a combination of causes, including poor circulation and neuropathy. Those suffering from neuropathy can develop minor cuts, blisters or pressure sores that may not be felt, due to insensitivity. If these minor injuries are left untreated, complications may result and lead to ulceration and possibly even amputation. Poor circulation can lead to swelling and dryness of the foot, but it also impairs the healing process and can lead to ulcers and infections.

What is a Diabetic Foot Care Treatment?

Since prevention is the best medicine, taking the necessary preventative measures can help reduce the risks of serious foot conditions. Regular foot check-ups are essential to prevent complications. If you have any redness, pain or swelling in your legs or feet, see your doctor or foot specialist as soon as possible. Inspect your feet daily for any changes or signs of injury. If you have any corns, calluses, ingrown nails, warts, or thick or fungal nails, do not try to treat them yourself. Instead, see our Chiropodist or your family doctor right away. Give us a call to learn more about our diabetic foot care Kitchener!